'contrib/text' section

download dictionaries for gbgoffice

bgoffice is a project aimed on creating a full-featured desktop environment, translated and localized for Bulgarian users. . This package contains a helper scripts to automate downloading and installation of dictionaries for gbgoffice. These can't be distributed by Debian, due to licensing problems.


Text-mode Bulgarian/English Dictionary

CBE Dictionary is a command-line Bulgarian to English and English to Bulgarian electronic Dictionary. It can work in interactive mode too. . The dictionary databases are not included in this package. You have to download bedic-data-4.0.tar.gz from http://kbedic.sourceforge.net. Install the files bg_en.dat and en_bg.dat in /usr/local/share/bedic.

Graphical firmware downloader for the foo2zjs package

Hannah is a graphical firmware downloader for the foo2zjs package. You can select one or more firmware(s) from a list, and let hannah download and install them. . With this software you can potentially install non-free software, so beware of that.

plugins for OpenDict - LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries

This plugin fetches translations from http://www.lingvozone.com for use by OpenDict program and provides these dictionaries: English <=> Albanian English <=> Arabic English <=> Azeri English <=> Bosnian English <=> Bulgarian English <=> Chinese-Simplified English <=> Chinese-Traditional English <=> Croatian English <=> Czech English <=> Dutch English <=> Estonian English <=> Finnish English <=> French English <=> German English <=> Greek English <=> Hebrew English <=> Hungarian English <=> Indonesian English <=> Italian English <=> Japanese English <=> Japanese Kana English <=> Japanese Kanji English <=> Japanese Romaji English <=> Korean English <=> Latvian English <=> Lithuanian English <=> Persian(Farsi) English <=> Polish English <=> Portuguese English <=> Romanian English <=> Russian English <=> Serbian English <=> Slovak English <=> Spanish English <=> Swedish English <=> Tagalog (Philippines) English <=> Thai English <=> Turkish English <=> Ukrainian English <=> Vietnamese English <=> Yiddish English -> MultiLingual


Emacs interface for Japanese dictionaries

This package provides an Emacs-Lisp viewer for English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries.


installer for EIJIRO dictionaries for sdic

This package installs the EIJIRO Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries for use with sdic. . EIJIRO is available from the Electronic Dictionary Project, as detailed (in Japanese) at http://shop.alc.co.jp/cnt/eijiro/. The dictionary data can be obtained either by buying the book (ISBN 4-7574-0838-2) or by downloading it from http://www.eijiro.jp/ and buying a key.


installer for EDICT dictionaries for sdic

This package installs the EDICT Japanese-English dictionaries for use with sdic. . Although this package can install an English-Japanese dictionary derived from the EDICT Japanese-English dictionary, it is recommended to use the English-Japanese dictionary installed through sdic-gene95.


installer for GENE95 dictionaries for sdic

This package installs the GENE95 English-Japanese dictionary for use with sdic. . Although this package can install a Japanese-English dictionary derived from the GENE95 English-Japanese dictionary, it is recommended to use the Japanese-English dictionary installed through sdic-edict. . Before installing this package, you need a copy of gene95.lzh, gene95.tar.gz, or gene95.tar.bz2, available from: http://namazu.org/~tsuchiya/sdic/index.html


interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries

This is an ncurses interface to the Collins English-Polish/Polish-English and/or Langenscheidt German-Polish/Polish-German dictionaries distributed by Young Digital Planet. It can also play the pronunciation samples if the CD is available. . This package is only the interface, it does not contain the dictionary files itself. To use it, you need a copy of a dictionary from YDP.