'non-free/otherosfs' section


mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems

The HFS+ file system used by Apple Computer for their Mac OS is supported by the Linux kernel. Apple provides mkfs and fsck for HFS+ with the Unix core of their operating system, Darwin. . This package is a port of Apple's tools for HFS+ filesystems. . For users, HFS+ seems to be a good compromise to carry files between MacOS X and Linux Machines, as HFS+ doesn't suffer the problems of FAT32 like: . * huge space waste (in slack space as devices grow faster); * ability to create files that are more than 4GB in size (especially good for those working with multimedia and that need to carry large ISO files); * ability to use case preserving (and even sensitivity!); * ability to use uid's and gid's on the filesystem. . Users in general can enjoy such benefits since it is expected to have more HFS+ filesystems in use, as Apple has announced Macintoshes for ix86-64, besides the filesystem being already supported by PowerPC systems since the beginning.


DEC OS8 images for a PDP-8 emulator

This package contains images of the OS8 operating system which are usable by a PDP-8 emulator. . The Debian simh package supplies a pdp8 emulator, but the file are in a standard format usable by any other pdp8 emulator such as Jones's or Haygood's emulator. . The os8 script will run the simh emulator with these images. . These images are not DFSG free because DEC prohibits commercial use of these images.

ZX Spectrum ROMs

This package provides images of the read-only memories from various versions of the Sinclair Spectrum. Although the canonical source code for the ROMs is no longer available, the Incomplete Spectrum ROM Assembly (of the 48K code) is here for your reference. . The current list of ROMs included is: . * 48.rom - Original 48K ROM * 128-0.rom - 128K ROM 0 (128K editor and menu) * 128-1.rom - 128K ROM 1 (48K BASIC) * 128-spanish-0.rom - Spanish 128K ROM 0 (128K editor & menu) * 128-spanish-1.rom - Spanish 128K ROM 1 (48K BASIC) * if1-2.rom - Interface 1 v2 ROM * plus2-0.rom - +2 ROM 0 (128K editor and menu) * plus2-1.rom - +2 ROM 1 (48K BASIC) * plus3-40-0.rom - +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 0 (128K editor) * plus3-40-1.rom - +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker) * plus3-40-2.rom - +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 2 (+3DOS) * plus3-40-3.rom - +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 3 (48K BASIC) * tc2048.rom - Original 48K ROM modified for the Timex TC2048