'non-free/tex' section

Non-free items from the ConTeXt distribution

The ConTeXt distribution contains some fonts that are not considered free from Debian perspective, which are included here. . Currently it only contains the Hoekwater "koeieletters" font.


collection of LaTeX files for making foils and slides

foiltex is a set of LaTeX style files that makes it easy to prepare material for video or overhead projection, such as transparencies, slides, and computer-projected presentations. . It allows the user to manipulate the text typeface and size for display and create header and footer material, and includes special environments for scientific and mathematical presentations.


A pretty printer for various programming languages

LGrind is a pretty printer for a large number of programming languages using LaTeX. It is in the form of a separate preprocessor. . The licence is non-free, as it contains a no-sale clause. You might consider using the listings package instead, which is free; it also claims to be able to read the language definitions of LGrind. LGrind's output tends to be prettier, though, especially if you prefer non-monospaced fonts.

LaTeX packages, environments and macros distributed by Maple

Maple is a commercial Computer Algebra System (CAS) manufactured by the Canadian software company MapleSoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc.. . This package provides as is the LaTeX packages, environments and macros used in the "Maple to LaTeX" documents produced by Maple as documented into the Maple online help system.


ASCII jTeX with pTeX

ASCII jTeX is Japanese TeX, designed by ASCII corporation. . In this version, 'jtex' and 'jlatex' are renamed as 'ajtex' and 'ajlatex', respectively. And these programs are compiled with a recent ptex, which is included in texlive-binaries package. Note ajlatex is of latex209 version. . Note ptex in texlive-binaries needs to use option "--kanji=euc" for a file in EUC-JP encoding, so please add "--kanji=euc" for ajtex/ajlatex commands.