'non-free/text' section


text search tool with support for approximate patterns

agrep is a version of standard grep with the following enhancements: . * the ability to search for approximate patterns * it is record oriented rather than just line oriented * multiple patterns with AND OR logic queries . This package contains glimpse's (4.x) last free version of grep.

Additional fonts for the ghostscript interpreter

This package contains a miscellaneous set of fonts, including Cyrillic, kana, and fonts derived from the free Hershey fonts, with improvements (such as adding accented characters) by Thomas Wolff.

Office 2003 XML Schemas - xsd

This download contains documentation on a number of XML schemas for Microsoft® Office 2003 Editions including Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2003, and Microsoft Office Visio® 2003 schemas. It also includes schema information for Microsoft Office OneNote® 2003, Microsoft Office Project 2003, Microsoft Office Research Services and Microsoft Office Word 2003. . This download contains the Microsoft Office 2003 Edition XML Schema References and related documentation including the following: Overviews on WordprocessingML (the XML file format for Word 2003), SpreadsheetML (Excel 2003), FormTemplate XML schemas (InfoPath 2003) and DataDiagramingML (Visio 2003). . Additional XML schema information for OneNote, Project, and Research Services. Reference documentation on all Office 2003 schemas, detailing every element and type. . This package contains the XML schema files used in Office 2003 Editions.

document markup examples for sisu, publish and search framework

The document samples provided include: * "Free as in Freedom (2.0)", Sam Williams, Richard M. Stallman * "Free as in Freedom", Sam Williams * "Viral Spiral", David Bollier * "The Wealth of Networks", Jochai Benkler * "Free Culture", Lawrence Lessig * "CONTENT", Cory Doctorow * "Two Bits", Christopher Kelty * "Democratizing Innovation", Eric von Hippel * "Free For All", Peter Wayner * "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", Eric S. Raymond * "Little Brother", Cory Doctorow * "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", Cory Doctorow * "For the Win", Cory Doctorow * "Accelerando", Charles Stross and a couple of additional texts. . The documents were shared by their authors under Creative Commons licenses, that permit their distribution, though not within the main Debian archive by Debian policy. . * "Free As In Freedom", on RMS by Sam Williams, is available as a markup sample within the package sisu . SiSU is a lightweight markup based, command line oriented, document structuring, publishing and search framework for document collections. . With minimal preparation of a plain-text, (UTF-8) file, using its native markup syntax in your text editor of choice, SiSU can generate various document formats (most of which share a common object numbering system for locating content), including plain text, HTML, XHTML, XML, EPUB, OpenDocument text (ODF:ODT), LaTeX, PDF files, and populate an SQL database with objects (roughly paragraph-sized chunks) so searches may be performed and matches returned with that degree of granularity: your search criteria is met by these documents and at these locations within each document. Object numbering is particularly suitable for "published" works (finalized texts as opposed to works that are frequently changed or updated) for which it provides a fixed means of reference of content. Document outputs also share semantic meta-data provided. . SiSU also provides concordance files, document content certificates and manifests of generated output. . man pages, and interactive help are provided. . Dependencies for additional features are taken care of in sisu related packages. . The dummy package sisu-complete together with sisu-markup-samples installs the whole of SiSU.

Stardict package for English-Czech dictionary

This is a package of the GNU/FDL English-Czech dictionary for Stardict. . It contains also automatically generated dictionary for reverse direction. . You can contribute to the dictionary at .

Stardict package for German-Czech dictionary

This is a package of the GNU/FDL German-Czech dictionary for Stardict. . It contains also automatically generated dictionary for reverse direction. . You can contribute to the dictionary at .


XML-based formatting tool for RFCs

This package provides xml2rfc, a tool which creates text, HTML and nroff output in the format required for Internet-Drafts and RFCs. The text and nroff output is suitable for input to the RFC editor. . The DTD used by the XML documents is described in RFC 2629.